Too Busy For A Long Story

October 9, 2012

Too Busy for a Long Story™

When Knight turns to dazed

William J Corbett

He placed his hand on her arm.

She realized she had been day-dreaming.

She hadn’t blushed this much since 9th grade and Henry Cioutroau.

The paper bag book covers were covered in hearts and their initials,





“Is everything okay?” he asked again.

She moved to his side and wrapped her arms around him,

placing her head against his chest.

It had been far too long for them both.

Just sharing in the company of the “other” sex was overwhelming.

Her eyes were closed and she couldn’t believe she had made the first move.

Again,he brought her instant comfort as he turned into her,

wrapping her up in his arms,not too tightly,

just right.

She could feel his heartbeat doing exactly as she knew her own would be.


He moved his hips back just a touch,

surely, uncomfortable that she would immediately notice his erection.

Her hands moved down his arched back

to the top of his buttocks,

and she pulled him back into her.

Their lips met just as she had pictured earlier,

The softness of his full lips brushing against her own.

She felt the warmth of his breath through his parted lips

and she pressed hers fully into his.

The stubble on his face had its own erotic affect on her,

its roughness just grazing her cheek

as he moved across to her neck.

He placed a very soft kiss on her jawbone

and slid his lips across to the spot just below her ear

and it made her melt as her breath quickened.

The depth of her sigh made him sure that he was perfectly placed

and he drug his teeth lightly across her neck,

then closed his lips,lightly sucking in the skin,

then released it with a soft kiss

he moved back across her cheek,turning his head slightly,

he kissed her fully,passionately.

His hands had slid down beneath her skirt,

raising it to just below her cheeks,and he lifted her up

to the counter top.

Her legs parted, wrapped around hm and pulled him in to her.

That next kiss seemed to last forever.

There was no ability to measure where this kiss had taken them.

“I owe you a skirt with those shoes…” his voice drifted.

She didn’t quite understand,and his voice had pulled her

ever so slightly from the dream.

Then she got it!

She pushed him back,laughing as hard as she ever had.

“Sorry…” he allowed,sheepishly looking away.

He moved back into her,lifting her from the plate with the steaks.

“I get them both” he smiled broadly at her,

“Looks like you’re getting spinach,after all!”

They laughed together,their faces still close,

their eyes getting their first full look at each other.

His were the darkest she had ever seen,

and it seemed they were so large,there was no room for the whites.

It was hard to make out the pupil,and they drew her in,


He realized that her own eyes were near the same color as her blouse,

but maybe more like jade.

“You are breathtakingly beautiful”, she whispered,

as she moved her lips back to the comfort of his,

pressing in,she parted her lips,

placed her teeth over his lower lip,

dragging to his outer lip and bit down

but tenderly,pulling his lip outward

and then letting it go.

She looked at his closed eyes,making him look all the more angelic.

She placed her mouth back to his,enjoying the softness of his lips.

She shivered as his hands moved below her blouse and up her back bone,

unclasping her brassiere.

She would not be the only one freed from the restraints of clothing.

She pushed her hands fully against him,pushing his tank top up,

but keeping her hands fully engaged with his skin.

He raised his arms into the air,her hands moving across his sinewy shoulders

and pushing his shirts off,over his head.

They dropped to the floor behind him.

She crossed her arms,gathering her silky top from the sides and pulled it over her head

as he looped his fingers under her bra straps and pulled it off,

dropping it with his clothes behind him.

They merged again at the lips and felt the delicious warmth

of each other against their own skin.

The light patch of hair on his chest tickling her nipples,

she shivered again and pulled him fully to her.

She placed her mouth to the front of his neck and bit lightly,

dragging her teeth down to its base and she ran her tongue across his chest

and back to his neck.

She heard his breath escape his throat as she bit his neck again.

She felt him push his erection into the heat of her.

She scraped her fingers from the center of his back to his sides,

moving her thumbs inside of his waistband and pushed his pants down

over his ass cheeks,his erection caught in the waistband,

she reached to the front,wrapped her hand around the shaft and released him,

his pants now at the floor,he stepped out of them,kicking them behind him.

She looked into his pleasure glazed eyes

as she slowly stroked his shaft to the head.

He was as ready as she.

He reached behind her hands,softly stroking him,

grabbed her stockings and ripped them open.

“Shoes,skirt,stockings…”her voice drifted away.


Too busy for a long story

October 8, 2012

Too busy for a long story™

When day turns to knight

William J Corbett

They really hadn’t spoken much before.

Just a wave, a smile, a comfortable neighbor.

The post carrier unknowingly set them up to meet.

He answered the door to the very quiet knock.

He hadn’t realized how very beautiful she was until now, but

they had also never been so close.

It was raining and she held the newspaper over her head

like an umbrella.

Her eyes squinted with her smile.

He pushed the door open so that she could step inside,

away from the wetting drops.

She hesitated for a moment,

not sure of her comfort level at entering his home,

but his eyes as warm as his smile, were very inviting.

She started to laugh as she handed him the paper

as it was wet from her using it to protect herself,

almost turning it to a useless gesture.

She stood holding the paper out to him,but

he hadn’t moved and she hoped he wasn’t mad.

In truth, he was a bit overwhelmed.

This being the first time he had been this close,

her smile, the squinting eyes looking up at him,

the short but friendly,full laugh

the mild scent of her perfume that lingered like a pleasant memory.

He realized that she was holding the paper out toward him and

he felt foolish for being lost in the moment.

His face turned red and she thought it brought him to be even more charming.

He had put his hands out in an offer to take her coat,

when she naturally turned and lifted it from her collar.

It slid down off of her,into his hands.

He caught a glimpse of her stockings,

the oriental dragon designed into its weave.

She was wearing a peach colored skirt,

hemmed at what must have been respectful business attire.

Her blouse was sapphire green,made from silk.

It was designed to be billowy,like a mans tuxedo shirt,

but,the neckline was perfect,

 daring you to know it was a woman wearing it.

As a true gentleman, he had placed his hand under her arm

as she moved up the few steps to his living room.

They were,oddly,very comfortable with each other,

although,they did share the tingle of excitement,as well.

She passed by an over-stuffed chair,

as she wasn’t sure how she would get back out of it,

dressed in a skirt.

She placed herself comfortably in a nicely padded arm-chair.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

His voice was very low, and soothingly gravelly.

“Tea?” she let the question carry itself.

She didn’t want to appear as an alcoholic,but

really wanted a drink to calm herself.

“Chamomile, Earl Grey or Green?”


He picked up his wine glass as he disappeared around the corner.

His lounge pants fit very loosely in contrast to the grey undershirt

that clung nicely to his toned upper body.

“I’m Jacob”.

He caught her by surprise,

as she was still looking at the doorway he had just disappeared through,

imagining his fit body under those loose pants.

She turned a deep shade of red

knowing she had been caught as he caught most women.

“Brandy!” she blurted out.

“Chamomile Brandy?” he allowed with a grin.

He wanted her to feel as pleasant as he found himself in her company

She laughed,as he put her to ease immediately.

“No…my name…but,I would rather that than tea,if you don’t mind”.


“Only one,thank you”.

He disappeared around the corner again and she forced herself to look away.

She didn’t care to be caught twice.

She heard the cube of ice go into the glass and he returned to the room.

She was a little disappointed as he had put on another shirt over the tank top.

It was unbuttoned,though,and the cuffs turned up two folds.

She approved.

“Well,Brandy,thank you for protecting my paper from being ruined”

His smirk was enough,but he held his glass up to hers.


“It’s the least I could do. I’ll send you a bill for the shoes that were ruined”.

Her eyes sparkled,her lips pursed,waiting for another quip.

“Perhaps,I could offer you dinner,instead?” he dared.

She placed her hands upon her hips.

“I’m no vegetarian!” she spouted as she dramatically looked him up and down,

as though she disapproved.

He enjoyed that she would spar with him.

“Well,that’s good,because steak goes much better with Brandy than spinach.”

He offered her his hand to help her up from the chair.

They moved to the kitchen.

She was stunned to find such a professionally outfitted kitchen.

All platinum appliances with dark cherry cupboards and granite countertops.

Shelves held up by pillars made of marble.

Cast iron cookware hung from the ceiling near the stainless exhaust hood,

centered in the room,over the char pit.

He pulled open the refrigerator door and removed two fresh-cut steaks.

Normally,he would have had to freeze the second.

He liked that he didn’t need to.

He set the steaks into a shallow bin and covered them with a deep red wine.

He pulled fresh herbs from the plants at his window,

minced them and mixed them together with salt and pepper,

then pressed the mixture into the surface of the steaks.

“I love the flavor of wine while cooking” she said.

He reached overhead,pulling a wineglass down and asked,

“What flavor would you like to cook with tonight?”

She took the glass from his hands and as she turned to walk away

she teasingly slurred,

“Oh no you don’t! You said you were cooking!”

She over-emphasized her hips sway as she walked back to the bar in the other room.

She dashed back into the room in small steps,

grabbed his glass and disappeared back to the bar,

figuring it only fair,

if he cooked,

she could fill both glasses.

When she returned to the kitchen,he looked up from the steaks,smiling,

then looked back to the steak he was tenderizing.

She felt she needed to kiss him.

Her mind drifted to his full lips,softly pressed against her own,

her lips parted slightly to taste his kiss.

To busy for a long story

October 3, 2012

Too busy for a long story™

The day belongs to us

His hands were gentle,but his movements were firm.

Calloused,they had their own feel as they roughly dragged across the skin.

Feeling unchained with no schedule today.

He traced across and down her arm,

Sliding himself over,sitting atop her,he reached for the oils.

She listened as he removed the cap and dribbled the oil over her.

The essence placed her in a field of soft grass,water lapping nearby.

His hands pushed the skin up from the top of her buttocks,

continuing up to her hairline,

making large sweeping circles,covering her with the sweet slippery oil.

His hands teasingly touching the sides of her breasts,she sighed

That sound released,she felt his erection pulse against her skin.

He,and she,knew this would continue to bliss.

He moved down a bit,over her legs so that he could massage her buttocks.

He moved those glorious strokes off her lower back.

The sigh was the switch being turned on,

His movements were the motor humming to life.

He opened the oil,once again and her senses heightened.

She turned beneath him,slid her hands into his,

covering her own hands in the oils.

Their eyes measured one another,

His dark eyes closed,his head leaned back and he sucked the air in

to only retreat to a guttural animal tone released

as she wrapped her hands around him.

Too busy for a long story

September 30, 2012

 Saturday Morning

He didn’t stop and she was sure she blacked out for at least a minute.

He never pinned her down but she could not leave as she had never climaxed so hard.

Her feelings swayed near the definition of what Nirvana must be.

She felt his every move as though her insides had defined him.

Starting to climax again,everything blurred and she fell out.

The cold cloth brought her about and she wasn’t sure of anything.

The moment froze.

He sat next to her,smiling,glad she was awake once again.

His hand removed the compress,placed it back in the ice water and wrung the cloth out.

He dabbed at her neck and removed the sweat from between her breasts,circling each with the cloths coolness. Moving down her taut belly and then back to the ice water.

She could only stare at his face,feeling the ice-cold cloth tracing her body features.

He never looked at her face,but followed the path of the cloth and the dampness it left behind.

Her entire body had become flush and was slowly cooling.

She still had pins and needles working inside of her.

They rose and fell with his touch,multiplied by his gaze.

She stared at his eyes,tracing her.

Down to his lips,full but at rest. A glimpse of the whiteness of his teeth just peeking through their part.

His chin had the stubble of a razor commercial or a soap opera morning.

His neck was thick and veined,seemingly like a cobra,she thought.

His chest looked like two blocks,perfectly chiselled.

She was intoxicated by his beauty,which matched hers evenly so.

His lips were suddenly upon hers.

She must have been day-dreaming while looking him over.

His mouth moved to her neck.

She gulped the air in just as he bit down on it.


Caroline took the elevator back to the ground floor and asked Gerard if it would be okay for her to wait in the lobby. Gerard took her by the arm and led her to a fine seat next to the piano and retrieved her a glass of chardonnay,chilled,no ice and a blackberry brandy. He wasn’t sure what was going on today with her but knew she could unwind a bit. He returned to his station and placed a voicemail on the intercom system.

“This is Gerard in the lobby. Catherine is attended in the piano room near the lobby. It is 2:24 pm,Monday.”

The in-house intercom system was a private use system that was not advertised about beyond the occupants. It was a way for the tenants to be made aware of things without too much adieu. It also had a very stubborn horn and buzz after a recording is made.

She heard the noise from the hallway and jumped from atop him. She had only been told about the system and had never had experience with it and needed to be sure it wasn’t some dire emergency.

“This is Gerard….” her mind went blank as soon as she heard Catherine’s name and she wondered how she had forgotten about her dinner plans so easily and she wondered if Catherine had come up and witnessed any of their carrying on. She blushed so deeply that he got up on his elbows and inquired “is anything wrong?”

“No,my friend Catherine is in the piano room waiting for the dinner plans we had made. I completely forgot about her and the plans and I am so embarrassed!”

 “She may have come up and seen us,I don’t know!” her thoughts wandered to where they made love and how the view would have been and how embarrassed Catherine would have been walking in on them.

She dialed the number quickly,”Catherine! I am so sorry…I had become sidetracked and…and…I’ll be ready in 10 minutes. Have Albert put your drinks on my room,please…are you okay?”

Catherine wasn’t sure what to say at this point and wondered if she should have gone instead of causing a possible scene. She felt she could have left this all on her plate and no one would have been the wiser.

“I’m completely fine. I have a nice brandy and I am starving,so hurry along. I am waiting with an empty stomach!” she feigned a smile with her words trying to eradicate her awkward feelings,being sure to,at least,sound okay.

He lay there watching her pace the floor in the hallway as she talked with her friend. They had never met and he wasn’t sure that meeting while making love was the best idea…or meeting shortly after being caught making love…

She climbed back in bed rubbing along his body slithering up and kissing him full on the lips. She placed him,still erect,back inside of her and watched his eyes close as she slid down upon him. She sat up on him and slowly raised and lowered her hips,grinning the whole while. He felt her staring at him and opened his eyes,wondering what that childish grin was all about.


“Do you want to go to dinner,Monsieur?”

 He felt her hand on him and turned to face her. She was still asleep but her hand never moved away. He kissed her lightly on the forehead and pulled her to him more closely. The intimacy never stopped for them,even in their sleep they felt one another’s presence.

He thought he heard the elevator doors open and he stopped to listen. There were no footsteps,no voice calling. He knew that Gerard would come in at times but only with a delivery,and only when there was no one there. He would never come in unannounced. He had brought the flowers up,knowing it was a little fun that was being played on her,but enjoyed seeing the two of them together. Their presence was always light and caring. The thought of Catherine leaving the way she did was very odd to Gerard but it wasn’t his place to become involved except in safety and there could not have been a safety concern here.

He placed light billowy kisses on her face and moved to her neck,slowly,as she woke. He ran his hands along the sides of her body,feeling her muscles relaxed yet taut. She was in fine physical shape,only a very small part of her beauty but definitely a part of her that more people noticed first. She pushed herself back against him,feeling his hands massaging her. She placed her leg behind her but over the top of him. His kisses had moved down her neck and shoulder and had moved back up to her neck. His hands slowly played across her body,her breath escapes turning into a sigh. She slid her body around to face him and pulled him,rolling back,on top of her. His weight more supported by his arms,he dropped his head to hers enjoying the intimacy they shared. Her legs crossed behind him,she pulled him in tightly,his lips flirting with her ear and neck and down to her shoulder. His kisses were as light as a shadow,knowing just how to touch her,just how to please her.

The phone was ringing in the other room and it would go unanswered. There would be time enough to retrieve a message later.

She ran her nails down his chest from his shoulders,leaving eight very long streaks on his tanned skin. Her hands moved around behind him and she pulled at his hips. His head,in smooth unity with the arch of his back,nearly faced the ceiling and she wanted to look into his eyes,so deep and lost when they made love. He felt her reach around his neck and pull his head forward,his eyes fully open,she fell into them,into those large black pools.

 Caroline heard the screams entangled with his animal grunts as soon as the elevator door started to open. It was surreal how much the awkwardness had multiplied from the earlier incident and she hadn’t the slightest clue how to excuse herself for the second time that day. Pushing the door close button and hoping she could relieve herself from this tension was almost too much to conceive.

She dialed her phone

November 9, 2011

She moved quickly from the elevator to the waiting car. Gerard had said something nice,she was sure,as he held the door for her but she just needed to be gone completely. She nearly fell into the car she was moving so fast and she knew it must have looked very odd to Gerard. She didn’t care. She had one thing in mind,well two,but the one that was more important was to become less visible than a ghost,immediately.

 She sat back in the seat as Patrick drove her away and she realized that she hadn’t looked at his face. The whole situation had gone badly wrong and she had a perfect opportunity to see his face and missed it completely.

“Dammit Catherine!”she shouted to herself.

“Ma’am?” the driver enquired.

“Oh nothing Patrick. I’m sorry…I was…scolding myself…nothing Patrick”,she was now at a loss for words,knowing this was not able to be explained,even to herself and certainly not to the chauffer.

 Her mind was racing at how she could even start to explain all of this if she had been caught. What if they saw her leaving? What if HE had seen her leaving and hadn’t said anything? What if he was telling her right now,how he had seen her and she was sneaking out of the suite? She started to hyperventilate and needed to force herself to calm down.


Patrick was worried but without words. He kept one eye on the road and one on her to be sure she didn’t faint. He could not imagine what could have happened. She was so happy coming to take her friend to dinner and she was gone less than five minutes but had returned disheveled in look,out of breath and red in the face,as though she had just run a marathon.

Patrick closed the privacy glass between them,knowing she would care for a little less observation. She had calmed enough where he was no longer worried but he knew she would feel better alone in her space,for whatever reason she had come upon back there.

“Home Ma’am?” Patrick had asked through the cars intercom.

She stared out the window,not hearing his request for direction. Her mind still raced though her breath had calmed.  She was unsure of a good explanation and then realized that she had one and,hopefully,would never need use it. She had gone there,as planned,but her friend had apparently forgotten those plans. She thought back to her question of his abilities in the bedroom and felt ever more foolish,and guilty. Had she been caught,there would have never been a good enough explanation for her staring at them,at him,at his….

“Ohhhhhh…what the …..” her voice echoed only to her and trailed off to its own unanswered question.

She pressed the button to the intercom…

“Go back,Patrick,thank you” she said.

 She dialed her phone.

“Hello,it’s Catherine. I am on my way to pick you up for dinner and wondered if you needed anything beforehand. I’ll be there in about 10 minutes dear. Can’t wait to see you…and I am famished!”

They made love for several hours and then slept in each others arms. What they needed most,they were getting…recharged.

 Catherine didn’t know what to do as this was,indeed,awkward. She had shown up as they had made plans for dinner together. Catherine knew how tired she was and that she must have been still sleeping when she arrived. She took in the wonderful bouquet and read the note that was still sitting on the table. She felt badly that her friend missed him so and thought this must be adding to her sleepiness,as well. She walked into the room and over to the side of the bed where she lay and was about to tickle her nose,being silly. Her friend lay there,the sheet nearly covering her but for her face and one breast. As Catherine reached to pull the sheet up to cover her more completely,she noticed a hand. A very hairy hand,cupping the bottom of her breast. He was fully covered but for that hand in that oversized down comforter. She didn’t know what to do and stood there frozen,terrified in an odd way,that she would wake up startled and be angry. She couldn’t be sure she could even tip toe out of the room without waking them and making an odd situation so much worse.

 She slid one foot to the side,searching her face for any type of waking,and then slid the other foot to meet the first. She repeated this tenderly until she reached the doorway and the bed rustled,which made her freeze instantly.

“Please,please,please” she whispered in her head,not being a big one on prayer,she wished all of her prayers heard now.

There was no more movement and she slowly turned her head back to the bed. He had turned over,completely undressing the both of them from the covers. She had turned into his back and her arm stretched around his waist and her hand held him. Now she was sweating bullets. Surely,they were waking and she was standing in the doorway,staring at his penis growing in her hand,even as they were half asleep.

She stood staring,as she couldn’t move. It was one of the most intimate things she had ever witnessed just by their touch and still she should not be there,no matter how innocent the situation had started. She stepped from her shoes onto the tiled floor of the bath. It seemed to take minutes for her to reach far enough down to grab her shoes by the straps and move to the far doorway where she would no longer be seen. She felt as though she hadn’t taken a breath in an hour and she was tipsy from the lack of air.

She moved as quickly and quietly as she could to the elevator.

“Please elevator,don’t make any noise?” she asked as she pushed the call button.


They were driven back to her suite and it was time for Catherine to return to the guest house for a little freshening up. They made plans for dinner that evening.

 There was a fresh vase of roses set in the center of the table,their scent took over the entire suite. She pulled the note from the clip and read it…

“I’m so sorry that I won’t be home for another week,possibly two. I hope you can forgive me this extended time. I love you!”

She placed the note down on the table and pulled the vase nearer,as though they were him. She breathed them in and sighed,then made her way to her bedroom as she looked forward to the nap that had been calling her,to take her away from the extended loneliness,combined with the fresh air and the Mimosa’s. She walked into her bedroom,kicking off her sandals as she pulled her dress over her head,ready to be free but for the restrictions of the comfort of her silk sheets and sleep. She dropped the sundress to the floor and she screamed.

 He lay there,in between the sheets,smiling at her. She ran across the room and jumped into the bed on top of him,kissing him,feeling he had missed her as much as she did him. He broke out in laughter as he rubbed her skin and she pulled back in wonder.

“You are covered in goosebumps as though it were winter!”

“Well you scared the heck out of me! I read the note and walked in figuring on some sleep and the first thing I saw was someone in my bed…and I am standing there without a stitch of clothing to hide in!”

She punched him through the quilt for laughing at her,for catching her off guard as he knew he would. He drew the covers back for her to join him and she felt no greater comfort as their skin touched between those silky sheets. There were no more words to be had in this conversation. They lay in each others arms,their hands slowly gliding across each others skin,taking in the comforts of feeling each others presence. He placed a kiss on her head and tightened his arms around her. He,once again,felt complete near her. He wondered how,without a word,she could make him feel so alive,as if a piece of him were missing whenever he was away.

 She turned her face into his neck,feeling the bristle of his skin,breathing in his scent that she had missed for too long. Her body slid on top of his and she heard the softness of his breath release. She could not look away from his closed eyes,the weathered creases made him more handsome. His hands moved smoothly down her sides,his thumbs perched over her hip bones,his fingers wrapped to the back. They moved tenderly but deliberately,feeling and answering every movement of the other. She took her hands from his chest and placed her thumbs softly to his eyes,coaxing them gently open. She immediately fell into their depth,his eyes so dark she was clearly reflected in them. She leaned forward,never breaking eye contact and placed her mouth fully to his.

 In passion,in this molten emotion,they are now one.

 Catherine needed to know more. She felt,though,that she was prying as they had only gotten back to their friendship so recently.

“So,I’ll let it go if you want me to,but where is this prince of a man and how serious is your relationship with him? I know you have been avoiding it,so if you don’t want to talk about him just yet,we don’t have to” she finished off with a smile to comfort her.

“It’s not that I’m hiding anything,well…maybe I am,but I just love where we are and everything we do and I’ll just keep it like that for a while longer…maybe longer…”. She did want to share every bit of knowledge with Catherine,every intricate detail of him,of them,but she needed to hold off a while longer. It always seemed that just as she put her guard down,a hundred times before,is when things turned sour. She didn’t ever want this to sour and she felt more secure than ever before,but old scars are,sometimes,hard to look past.

 They had eaten breakfast and were enjoying the Mimosa’s that the waiter kept bringing them. They were surely the two prettiest customers he had ever had the pleasure of waiting on,and very friendly,too. He knew even if they stiffed him on the tip,all the others were jealous of him. He would continue to be sure they had a fresh glass without ever a minutes wait.

“So,is he fabulous in bed?” Catherine couldn’t help herself.

“He is gentle when it is right and he is terribly good when the time is right” the Mimosa was speaking more than she cared to but the lid was now off. “His hands are like a workman’s leather and they are so strong when he massages me,which he loves to do almost as much as I love it. His kisses are gentle at first,his mouth,his lips are so full and I can never get enough of mine pressed to his”.

“His hands run down my sides as we kiss and I feel him harden as he pulls me to him. The feeling of his body about to touch mine without the restrictions of clothing…I get so worked up before we even begin making love. His skin is so soft to touch…I can’t keep my hands from rubbing over his body,his entire body,that perfect body…” her voice trailed off as she sank into the thought of making love to him. There wasn’t really a way to describe the feel of making love with him. She could have described the physical makings but that wasn’t where either of them were when they were together and it would seem to cheapen what they had by trying to put into words what she felt while locked together with him.

“Oh,Catherine,I’ve said too much already!! You are taking advantage of me while I drink…” she raised one eyebrow as if angered but she paused and laughed.

Catherine felt so good for her friend,having found what most people search for,what most people set aside and settle for much less.These thoughts and expressions only made her want to meet him more,to get to know the two of them together. She would leave it alone for now,as he would be back in just a few short weeks and she could meet him then.